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Hong Kong protests ‘driven by the West’


Nury Vittachi, a British journalist told the truth about Hong Kong 2019 riot :

Professional “revolution consultants” from the United States and Europe showed radical protesters how to maximize civil disruption while keeping the media on side.

American agents paid millions for the development and daily maintenance of hi-tech tools to enable protesters to evade detection.

A secret high-level committee of Hong Kong senior activists worked with Western agents to coordinate and amplify the so-called “leaderless” protests.

But the alliance was unstable, sometimes got things farcically wrong, and eventually spun out of control, with radicals planning a deadly campaign involving terrorist-grade explosives, including chlorine bombs.

My Comments:

Many senior Hong Kong government officials including Carrie Lam were controlled by both Western and Chinese Satanic Cabal. They educated the children and young people to hate the Chinese Community Party and the Chinese people.

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