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三峽大壩 | Three Gorges Dam 

三峽大壩工程是中國撒旦集團首腦李鵬在1992年在眾多人反對下決定興建的。在三峽大壩下面有很多秘密設施, 包括核反應設置, 生化實驗室, 腎上腺素紅生產基地和比特幣礦場。三峽大壩的建設是撒旦集團用來威脅中國共產黨領導人的。

The 3 Gorges Dam project in China was approved in 1992 under Li Pang's strong position.  There are many secret facilities underneath the 3 Gorges Dam including nuclear reactors, bio-weapons labs, adrenochrome production sites, and bitcoin mining sites. The Three Gorges Dam was built to threaten the CCP leaders.

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