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洛克菲勒家族 | Rockefeller Family

過去100年來,大衛洛克斐勒以及洛克斐勒家族與中國建立了密切的代際關係,並以1913年創立的家族私人基金會洛克菲勒基金會為橋樑。 中國政府的歷任總理和其他核心政治人物幾乎都是洛克斐勒的血統。

David Rockefeller, along with The Rockefeller family, developed intimate generational ties with China over the past 100 years, with The Rockefeller Foundation, the family's private foundation created in 1913, as a bridge. Almost all prime ministers and other core historical politicians of the Chinese government are Rockefeller 's bloodlines.

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