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民主選舉 | Democracy & Election

西方的所謂民主制度衹是一個糖衣包裝的騙局。全世界的所有政府都是受到少數撒旦權貴家族背後操縱的,  他們都是一間私人公司,  這就是特朗普時常說的深層政府。所謂的一人一票民主選舉也是騙局, 他們的投票系統是造假的工具, 隨時可以用電腦技術修改投票結果。

The so-called western democracy is just a sugar-coated hoax. All governments around the world are controlled by a small number of powerful satanic clans. They are all private companies. This is what Trump often refers to as the "Deep State". The so-called one-person-one-vote democratic election is also a scam, and their voting system is design for frauds, and the voting results can be manipulated at any time using computer technology.

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