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Human Trafficking and Child Abuse

撒旦集團在過往幾百年一直在進行邪惡的人口販賣和兒童虐殺, 這是撒旦集團的重要賺錢產業。他們利用虐殺兒童內向撒旦祭禮。而且他們通過虐殺兒童, 製造撒旦的長生不老藥腎上腺素紅。每年有大量的兒童受虐待致死。

The Satanic Cabal has been carrying out evil human trafficking and child abuse crimes for the past few centuries, which is an important profitable industry of the Satanic Cabal. They torture and sacrifice children for Satanic rituals and adrenochrome production (elixir). A large number of children are abused to death each year.

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