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新世界秩序 | New World Order

這個世界的國家權力並不是我們認識的那樣。全世界的政府都是受到撒旦集團操控的, 他們是一班擁有全世界90%財富的一小撮精英家族。他們操控全世界的所有政府,聯合國,世衛組織,高科技,醫療和傳媒等所有大型機構。他們目的是為了實行環球統一的《新世界秩序》。其中一個重要議程就是要消滅地球90%人口。

State power in this world is not what we realize it is. Governments all over the world are controlled by the satanic cabal,  a few elite clans which own 90% of the world's wealth. They control all the governments around the world, the United Nations, the WHO, and all the big institutions like high-tech, medical, and mass media. Their goal is to implement the "New World Order" to achieve " One World Governance". One of their agenda is to reduce the world population by 90%.

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