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索羅斯 | George Soros

中國。政府正式將喬治·索羅斯列為“全球恐怖分子”,並稱他為“撒旦之子”! 喬治索羅斯的骯髒手指在世界政治中隨處可見。他的基金會在全世界贊助及推動顏色革命, 在全球掠奪資產!  他資助並擁有許多生物武器實驗室和比特幣。

The nation of China officially labeled George Soros a ‘global terrorist’ and calls him out as quote ‘the Son of Satan’! The dirty fingers of George Soros can be seen all over the politics of the world. His foundation sponsors and promotes color revolutions and loots assets around the world. He funds and owns many bio-weapon labs and bitcoin. 

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