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毛澤東 ​|Mao Zedong

毛澤東是個偉大的無產階級政治家、理論家、軍事戰略家和詩人, 在他的帶領下, 在1949年成立中華人民共和國. 他一生都是為人民服務的偉大領袖, 但是中國共產黨內有許多撒旦偽君子兩面人包括周恩來和錢學森, 他們高舉崑崙教主的名義肆無忌憚地作惡, 他們利用克隆人虛偽假冒毛澤東的身份犯罪, 把中國共產黨所有的災難推卸給毛澤東。撒旦妖魔錢學森長期操控法輪功媒體妖魔化毛澤東和中國共產黨領導人, 目的就是要推翻中國共產黨,實施新世界秩序!

Mao Zedong was a great proletarian statesman, theorist, military strategist, and poet. Under his leadership, the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949. He was a great leader who served the people all his life, but there are many hypocritical double face traitors including Zhou Enlai and Qian Xuesen. They used the name Kunlun Hierarch to do evil impudently. They used clones to impersonate Mao Zedong's identity and commit crimes in his name. They blamed Mao Zedong for all the disasters of the Chinese Communist Party. Satanic demon Qian Xuesen has been long manipulating the Falun Gong media to demonize Mao Zedong and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, the goal is to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party and implement a new world order!

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