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中國新冠疫情 | China COVID-19 Crisis

在習近平指導下, 中國新冠抗疫是絕對成功的。習近平拒絕採用西方生化武器mRNA疫苗, 採取動態清零政策。保護了14億人民的生命安全, 防止了數百萬人的死亡。中國的疫情突然轉壞,是20大選舉之後發生的。中國撒旦集團製造虛假感染數據,實施不必要的管控和檢測,目的是為了製造民憤,企圖發起顏色革命。現在他們又突然全國開放,然後勾結西方撒旦集團,製造大量疫情大爆發的虛假信息。最終目的就是推翻習近平政權!

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping, China's actions against the COVID-19 epidemic have been absolutely successful. Xi Jinping rejected the Western biochemical weapon mRNA vaccine and adopted a dynamic zeroing policy. The Chinese government protected the lives of 1.4 billion people and prevented millions of deaths. The sudden COVID chaos happened after the 20th National Congress. The Chinese Satanic Cabal falsified infection data and implemented unnecessary restrictions and testing, with the purpose of creating public anger and attempting to launch a color revolution. Now they suddenly opened up the whole country and then colluded with the Western Satanic Cabal to create massive misinformation about the outbreak in China. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the Xi Jinping regime!

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