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中國撒旦罪案 | Chinese Satanic Crimes

中國撒旦集團和大淫婦彭麗媛數十年來作惡多端, 在中國製造無數的慘案和悲劇, 包括虐殺兒童婦女, 器官和人口販賣等十惡不赦的罪行。他們操控全世界的傳媒和互聯網掩蓋真相。

The Chinese Satanic Cabal and the Great Harlot Peng Liyuan have committed many evil crimes for many decades, causing countless tragedies and injustices in China, including child and woman abuse and murder, organ, and human trafficking, and other heinous crimes. They have been manipulating the media and the Internet all over the world to cover up the truth.

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