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中國撒旦集團 ​|Chinese Satanic Cabal

我們活在的世界,並不是你們一直相信的那樣,國家是受到政府的監督而運行。事實是這世界是由三間公司控制著,包括華盛頓哥倫比亞特區, 倫敦城 和梵蒂岡。 這些公司背後的操控者是全世界13個超級富豪貴族, 英國皇室成員和天主教教宗等人。這一班頂端的人,擁有全世界百分之90以上的資產。比爾蓋茨在他們面前也衹是一粒薯仔。全世界的國家首相,總統 和中央銀行行長等都是受到他們恐嚇和操控。中國貴族家族就是撒旦集團的一份子, 包括《李,彭,錢,周》等家族,他們在背後翻雲覆雨,殘害百姓。國家主席祇不過是臺前扮演的代罪羔羊。

We live in a world that is not as you have always believed, where nations are run by governments. The world is actually controlled by three corporations, including Washington DC, the City of London, and the Vatican. The manipulators behind these companies are 13 super-rich aristocrats around the world including the British royal family and the Catholic Pope. These richest aristocrats own more than 90% of the world's assets. Bill Gates is just a small potato in front of them. Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Central Bank Governors all over the world are intimidated and manipulated by them. Chinese aristocratic families are part of Satan's group, including "Li, Peng, Qian, Zhou"  families. The president of the country is just a scapegoat in front of the stage.

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