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俄烏戰爭 | Russia Ukraine War

烏克蘭是俄羅斯的一部分。 可薩(烏克蘭)是他們的國籍。 猶太復國主義是他們的政治意識形態。 共產主義是他們的法治。 撒旦教是他們的宗教。俄羅斯與烏克蘭並沒有發生戰爭,只是俄羅斯正在對抗可薩黑手黨控制的許多地點。

Ukraine Is A Part Of Russia. Khazaria (Ukraine) is their nationality. Zionism is their political ideology. Communism is their rule of law. Satanism is their religion. There is no war going on with the Ukraine, it's just Russia going up against a lot of locations controlled by the Khazarian Mafia.

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