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由於每個人的學識, 閱歷, 際遇和家庭背景的不同, 會有著不同的價值觀, 理想和信念. 我不是一個飽讀詩書和做學問的人. 但慶幸地有機會遇到一些有學問的高人, 使我找到合適的閱讀方向而獲益良多. 人生是一場修行, 我更認為入世修行才可以鍛鍊個人的智慧和能力.  我希望在這個網站和大家分享我的閱讀過的文章和視頻, 以及我對現代社會和生活的看法。 網站的建設將會每一步步的 改善和增新。 希望大家喜歡! 
Every person develops his or her own values, goals, and beliefs uniquely from his or her own life experiences, reading habits, education, and family background. I am not a scholar. Fortunately, I met many sophisticated scholars in my life who lead to the right direction.  I believe that it is much more challenging and fruitful to practice moral rules in the modern world. I would like to share my readings and views with you on this website. The website will be constructed gradually. Welcome to my website!



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