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習近平克隆人 |Xi Jinping's Clone

中國撒旦集團和大淫婦彭麗媛自從2014年開始長期利用克隆人假冒習近平出席國際會議和演講。習近平的頭髮是灰色的, 他就是推背圖和啟示錄裏邊的白頭翁。大淫婦彭麗媛故意利用黑髮克隆人假冒習近平出席冬運動會儀式及25th香港回歸典禮, 以及發佈習近平黑髮照片在所有國內外交部及傳媒.

The Chinese Satanic Cabal and Great Harlot Peng Liyuan have been using clones to impersonate Xi Jinping to attend international conferences and make public speeches since 2014.   Xi Jinping's hair is gray in color, and he is the white-haired man in the Tui Bei Tu and the Book of Revelation. Great Harlot Peng Liyuan deliberately used black-haired clones to impersonate Xi Jinping to attend the Winter Olympics ceremonies, the 25th Hong Kong Anniversary Ceremony, and G20 meetings as well as publish Xi Jinping's black-haired photos and videos on the Foreign Ministry website and local Chinese media.

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