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周恩來 ​|Zhou Enlai (666)

周恩來是中國撒旦集團首腦, 他在1921年加入光明會。中國過去幾10年的災難和文化大革命, 都是他一手造成的。他的偽善曾經欺騙了無數中國人。隨著歷史資料的公開,周恩來虛偽、自私、殘忍、狡詐等魔鬼真面目暴露無遺。

​Zhou Enlai was the head of the Chinese Satanic Cabal, who joined the Illuminati in 1921. The disasters and the Cultural Revolution in China in the past few decades were all caused by Zhou Enlai and his followers. His hypocrisy has deceived countless Chinese people. With the disclosure of historical information, Zhou Enlai's hypocrisy, selfishness, cruelty, cunning and other demons were exposed.

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