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比爾蓋茨 | Bill Gates

比爾·蓋茨是撒旦陰謀集團的核心成員,也是300委員會的成員,他絕對不是慈善家,而是法西斯主義者和優生主義者。 他的比爾和梅琳達·蓋茨基金會根本不是在做慈善,而是大量投資高科技、轉基因食品、生化武器疫苗。 他在非洲的所謂慈善活動正在毒害兒童和婦女。 他多次公開宣布他的人口減少議程,並大力實施全球使用 mRNA COVID 疫苗。

Bill Gates is a core member of the Satanic Cabal and a member of Committee 300. He is absolutely not a philanthropist, but a fascist and eugenicist. His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is not doing charity at all, but investing in a lot of high technology, genetically modified food, and biochemical weapon vaccines. His so-called charitable activities in Africa are poisoning children and women. He has publicly announced his depopulation agenda many times and has also strongly implemented the global use of the mRNA COVID vaccines.

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