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YouTube Says It Has Removed 1 Million 'Dangerous' Videos on COVID

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Well! When one million videos were made on the COVID crisis, are they all lies? What makes Youtube management dictate what can or cannot talk in public? Are they scientists or doctors? Do they have the legal right to do so?

Who are the trusted authorities? WHO? CDC? FDA?

This is very dangerous for all human beings on earth by this manipulative and giant private-owned media.

"This video needs to be deleted": A mistakenly leaked email shows Biden's FDA pressured Google to censor a "problematic" YouTube video about a monoclonal antibody drug to treat Covid.

The letter, dated April 30, 2021, was sent to Ian Fowler Antonaros, a lobbyist for Google, the parent company of YouTube. The letter was sent by the FDA's director of social Media, Brad Kimberly, who wrote that a three-minute video about a new drug called leronlimab is "very problematic" in terms of spreading misinformation about Covid-19. On the same day that the video was posted on the platform, Kimberly demanded that YouTube immediately remove the video.

"I just wanted to mention the video, which, in our opinion, is misleading when it comes to Covid-19. Overall, this video is very problematic when it comes to misinformation about Covid. This video should be deleted."


️A former Facebook employee says tens of thousands of pages of internal company research she has provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission prove Facebook is lying to the public and investors about the effectiveness of its campaigns to eradicate hate, violence and misinformation from its platforms.

That former employee, who anonymously filed the complaints with federal authorities against Facebook last month, will reveal her identity and speak her mind in an interview airing Sunday night on 60 Minutes.

The former employee says the documents prove the company knows its algorithms amplify polarizing and hateful content, adding that societies around the world are being torn apart, partly because of the social media company.

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