Xi Jinping declared his marital status as single 習近平澄清他單身的婚姻狀態


彭麗媛不是第一次公開造假。在2021年4月10日, 她假冒習近平之名發聯合聲明慰問英女王於菲獵親王的去世。習近平立刻在201年4月30日,以個人身份名義發慰問信給印度總統來澄清他的婚姻狀態。




This is not the first time that Peng Liyuan has publicly faked it. On April 10, 2021, she issued a fake joint statement in the name of Xi Jinping to express her condolences to Queen Elizabeth after the death of Prince Phillip. On April 30, 201, Xi Jinping immediately sent a letter to the President of India in his own name to clarify his marital status.

Now Peng Liyuan, manipulated the media to play a fake video in the Winter Olympic Games Open ceremony to deceive the world that she is still the first lady of China. People's Daily confirmed that Peng Liyuan didn't attend any Olympic activities. Now Xi Jinping has immediately sent another congratulatory message in his own name to Queen Elizabeth again to clarify his marital status.

Peng Liyuan sacrificed the reputation of the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relations of the international community, openly ignored and humiliated the leaders of various countries, and seriously degraded and ignored the dignity of important allies of China to highlight her status as the first lady of China. Her personal face is placed above the interests and reputation of the entire nation.

This kind of brainless, shameless, and selfish behavior made her a fool in front of the whole world and loses the face of all Chinese people.