WOW!! Who the HELL are YOU??


These are the voices of the evil Great Harlot Peng Liyuan!! The never-changing arrogant, narcissistic, and dictatorial attitudes of the Great Harlot.

Absolutely WRONG!! Peng Liyuan is in power, she is our "Highest Majesty of Queen". Her mistakes are not her problems only. Her mistakes caused so much pain and harm to Xi, all Chinese, and the world.

She was the focus of the Satanic Cabal and addicted to power. She is a liar and cheater who will never tell you the truth. She is the common enemy of the people. Her secret dark life has to be exposed in the light.

All government officials including the leaders are only the public servants of the people who should be monitored by their people. We are not living in the ancient feudal empire, and Peng Liyuan is certainly not the "Majesty of Queen" that she is untouchable. Everyone in the world can judge and condemn Peng Liyuan for her unforgivable misconduct.

All great leaders in the world including Xi, Trump, and Putin are always being criticized by the public. So what makes her the exception from other government officials and leaders?

This is a really good question for yourself:

Who the HELL are YOU??

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