What is the metaverse? And why should we care?


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Does Facebook’s new ‘metaverse’ make anyone else nervous?

The Satanic Cabal controls all kinds of sophisticated sciences and technologies such as pharmaceutical industries, GMO seed production, human cloning, robots, DNA alternation, bio-weapon body implantation, mind transmission, VR, and AR which can easily eliminate and replace humans. They can control people's minds and bodies, and easily destroy their enemies or opponents in the name of health care.

In my opinion, current technology trends are leading to human self-destruction. These giant technology companies monopolize the global market that they highly influence and lead the public trends and human practices. They create all sorts of illusions and entertainment to separate us from reality and destroy our natural abilities.

Many modern teenagers are surrounded by all forms of exciting digital games. They don't read and write anymore. They are fully controlled and brainwashed by these toxic technologies. Eventually, they lose their ability to think.

You can see the current social media and high tech companies already controls your mind by information censorship and misinformation dissemination. In the future, they can further control your living habits and survival abilities. The power of the high-tech CEO can overtake the government to rule our lives. We will eventually become a slave.

The role of a government to govern and monitor the roadmap and direction of technology applications is very critical and essential. Science and technology are neutral, but the scientists and technology controllers can make them evil and destructive to humans. We need a strong government to protect us and make our lives normal and valuable.