US CDC made up fake data shamelessly

US CDC used to provided a historical COVID dataset page for us to download the COVID data. I had downloaded the csv on May 2021 and analyzed the data.

Old data set -

After I posted the findings, CDC removed the historical dataset download feature from the official home page.

The dataset contains accumulated daily submission for each month and there were multiples batches in each day. I tried to extract the last submission batch in the month. The result was shown as below:

The confirmed COVID death data could not be reconciled with CDC summary page. CDC might conceal some criteria. However, you can clearly see that the total COVID death in 4 months of 2021 with vaccination are higher than 12 months in 2020 with vaccination.

New Data Set

Today I just visited the CDC official page again. They provided even more graph and chart to explain the data. I can also download a new dataset with below result:

Surprisingly, the data is total contradicted to my previous dataset. 2021 data is much higher than 2020.

I believe US CDC has to explain to the world if they are manipulating the COVID statistic to fool and threaten the world. What was the reason they removed the old dataset?

7 universities currently sue CDC on COVID fraud. This is a serious question.

Attached please find my two Excel worksheets for your reference.

United_States_COVID-19_Cases_and_Deaths_by_State_over_Time 5
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