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Truck convoy 2022

  • Canada resident report: “I live in Canada. Canada imports a lot from the USA, a lot of our food here comes from there too. As we are neighbors, everything comes by truck. in early January, the prime minister of Canada implemented that Canadian truck drivers would have to have a health passport to enter and leave the country via the US border. Well, it wasn’t very well received. 18,000 truck drivers were fired because they do not want to be vaccinated. So, these truck drivers got together to make a march from one end of the country (Britain’s Columbia) to the capital, Ottawa, where the prime minister is (like the plateau). However… a lot of people started to support the truck drivers. The truck drivers started to receive a lot of cash donations for food and gasoline until there (a 6 day trip). One thing led to another, a herd effect was happening until, suddenly, the truck drivers decided that they will no longer fight for them, but for everyone!!! they’ve decided that they’re going to march to the prime minister and they won’t budge from there until the prime minister drops the health passport, the masks, all the restrictions, everything!! They said: until we restore our freedom, we will not leave here. but the best you will know now: the movement grew so much that they left one end of the country on Monday, with each city they pass, more truckers and cars of ordinary people, families, join. People are all in their favor. the restaurants are giving away free food to the people on the march. Hotels letting you sleep for free. Free filling stations. The whole country joined and accumulated 5 MILLION DOLLARS for the march (food, gasoline, etc). there are now 100,000 Canadian truck drivers and last night 13,000 American truck drivers entered the country to participate. There’s almost no one against it! The country has completely woken up! Saturday morning they will arrive in the capital and will lock down the surroundings of the “plateau” until freedom is restored in the country. This is so incredible that now Australia is already organizing their march! you need to search YouTube for the videos of this march, it’s over, the country will stop on Saturday! Search YouTube and TikTok (even better) for “truck convoy 2022” or “convoy to Ottawa 2022” and you will see the beauty that is happening! England and Denmark have already run out of passports. with the bigger countries struggling in this way, the less developed ones end up following along. Wait until Saturday! Please pray for the truckers and everyone involved!” This is an act for freedom with the union of all. Wake up, PEOPLE.

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