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Topic: Clones are soulless!!

Those clones are soulless. That's why they are evil.

Primate cloning has already been disclosed.

Human cloning was mainstream news a few decades ago and then MSM stopped talking about it. We’ve been lead to believe Science doesn’t do human cloning because of “ETHICS”.

CCP China has no concern for human rights. They’ve already announced cloned monkeys, cloned human organs. There’s no barrier to cloning humans. Part of the brainwashing is to make you think it’s far away and unrealistic. Germans studied it 100 years ago.

Other known techniques like mind control are used in combination with tech we haven't heard about yet.

The Cabal’s goal is depopulation (of humans with SOULS) and total control through a trans-humanist new world order.

How exactly? Deep State-controlled clones infiltrate all aspects of society, influential entertainers, MSM fake news, politicians, etc. Crimes and arrests of the Cabal are continually concealed using clone replacements.

If you look back, you will see many who were loyal to Trump have been hinting at PUPPETS for a long time.

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