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Top 20 military industries made profits by warfare.


你真觉得美国发动伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争只是在不停地对外陶自己腰包抛撒自家的钱么? 要真这么想你就大错特错了,其实肥水都不过是从美国人的口里吞进了美国人自己的胃里罢了,而真正滴落外人田的,不过是一点儿他们并不在乎的唾沫星子罢了! 这就是一个军工联合体国家视战争如生命的关键根源所在!

Do you really think that the U.S. war in Iraq and Afghanistan is just constantly throwing money out of its own pockets? If you really think so, you are very wrong. In fact, the fat water is just swallowed into the American's own stomach from the American's mouth, and what really drips into the fields of outsiders is just a little spittle they don't care about! This is the key reason why a military industrial complex country regards war as life!


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