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This is how the Chinese Satanic Cabal manipulates public opinion!

Organ harvesting is real. However, these evil crimes are being committed by the Satanic Cabal to make huge profits globally, China is just one of them.

All the evil crimes including organ harvesting, child trafficking, and child abuse were committed by the Chinese Satanists who are anti-CCP and anti-government. They wanted to overthrow the Chinese Community Party so as to establish one world governance.

This whistleblower Enver exposed the evil crimes in Xinjiang in 1995 when the Satanist Li Peng was the Prime Minister at that time. Enver escaped from China to Istanbul. Within 2 weeks, he was contacted by two journalists from London for an interview. How could the British journalists know about Enver's background and location? Of course, it was arranged by the Chinese Satanic Cabal, they wanted to use Enver's month to expose the evil crimes and blame the Chinese Community Party.

This is how the Chinese Satanic Cabal manipulates the public media to demonize the Chinese Communist Party.

How I Exposed The Chinese Government's Crimes | LADbible TV

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