The story of the Assassination of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe


Japan Crime minister Abe Shinzo Assassination – the back story:

After the Mass killings of Japanese through the Fukushima planned Event came

False Flag Operations of the Jesuits/ Rothschilds to take full control of Japan economy

resources and people. This major event was to take half of Japans population (over 50

million) and scare them into a mass migration. The scenario would include UN forces to

help evacuate the country and cause mass hysteria with the controlled Mainstream Media

covering the details.

● This Deep State plan was designed by the DAVOS Group/Bush admin/Jesuits society/

Rothschilds. The goal of the plan was for breaking China into smaller countries and by

first creating a false flag event of Fukushima.

● At the same time 8 trillion$ would be stolen from the Japans economy and system...

● Members of the Japanese imperial family and Yatagarasu say they are descended

from Egyptian pharaohs, as are members of a Swiss-based group, the Octagon, who control monotheism. The earliest parts of the Bible and the oldest Japanese writings serve as proof of this.These groups separated thousands of years ago, but agreed to form an

alliance during the Meiji period, when Japan began to modernize. Abe's public execution

was intended as a signal that the deal concluded between the Octagon group and Yatagarasu was no longer valid.

● Abe belongs to the southern Choshu clan, which handed over the rule of Japan to the Octagon group. The Choshu clan are the people behind the Mitsubishi Group, which controls 10% of the Japanese economy and is close to the Rockefeller and Rothschild


● Shortly after Japan's Fukushima massacre, Abe was involved in a rigged election presided over by the Khazarian mafia and Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg.

Greenberg also works with the Jesuit group CSIS. Abe was then flown to Davos, Switzerland, where he performed in front of Klaus Schab's band/Rothschild/Octagon. In this speech, he said that China is like Germany before the First World War. He was referring to the plan proposed by George H.W. Bush to Russian President Vladimir Putin

in 2006.

● According to this plan, a new cold war was to break out between Russia and the West. This would serve as a pretext for a massive military buildup. At this time, Russia will pretend to be an ally of China. At the last minute, Russia, NATO and Japan will attack China. Then the defeated China will be divided into five different countries so that it will never again pose a threat to the West controlled by the Octagon. A source in the Politburo of China confirmed to the author that China was aware of this plan.

My comment: Without the involvement of the Chinese Satanic Cabal, this plan is impossible to achieve. That's why Li Keqiang was close to Shinzo Abe. Similarly, 35 million Chinese were killed during the Second Sino-Japanese War because of assistance from the Chinese Satanic Cabal's traitors.

● Abe then led a massive and secretive military buildup in preparation for this invasion of China. Most of the military equipment intended for this attack was destroyed during the so-called Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016, which are believed to have been

committed by China. Abe also built a biological weapons factory disguised as a veterinary college.

● In the end, the Russians did not agree to this plan. Instead, their special forces are now destroying plants for the production of biological weapons around the world.

● In addition, Western military-industrial White Hats also rejected the Bush/HMM/DVD plan to destroy 90% of humanity "to protect the environment."

● The entire Bush clan is now executed. The public removal of Johnson and Aba and the destruction of Georgia’s Guide Stones (where the plan was engraved) are all public signs of this.

● Instead of this plan, an agreement in principle was reached between the Eastern and Western secret societies. This requires a polycentric world and a common goal of increasing the number and diversity of life, including human life.

● Assassination of Prime Minister of Japan who knew all the full reports and handed over servers and computers to Military operations that exposed the truth of Fukushima Event and planned invasion of China through Events in North Korean, Russia, Taiwan,

Japan and US. (Russia and Taiwan declined to be in the Bush/Obama planned intent).

Sources report the Prime Minister was in close contact with Trump. Was his death fake/

planned/ a message?

My Comment: Since Shinzo Abe betrayed the Satanic Cabal and joined the white hats alliance to fight against them, the Chinese Satanic Cabal was really enraged that they wildly defamed Shinzo Abe after the assassination event.