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The true intentions of phony "Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock"


Oscar Viewership Hits Final 2022 Figure Of 16.6M, Still 2nd Lowest Ever; Ceremony Breaks Social Media Records With Slap Heard Around The Internet – Update

My Comments:

The Satanic Cabal has been manipulating Hollywood actors and actresses for many decades. They are acting professionals who are paid to perform.

There are three intentions: for the phony "Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock"

  1. Staged to boost ratings

  2. Mock and insult Xi Jinping because he doesn't protect his "wife"

  3. Defend and justify Peng Liyuan's misconduct as the cause of "Love:"

As I explained in my previous article. Peng Liyuan is a dumped traitor, cheater, manipulator, and malignant narcissist and she is no longer Xi's wife. They separated for more than 2 years. Peng Liyuan was not a loyal wife. She colluded with the Satanic Cabal and her adulterer Li Keqiang to assassinate Xi and overthrow Xi's authority.

In the past, she despised, disrespected, and ignored Xi because Xi's wealth cannot compare with other corrupted Chinese leaders. She humiliated, ridiculed, and abused Xi in public due to her grievance, discontent, and greed. Satanic Cabal took advantage of her poor character and promoted her as the core puppet and leader of the Chinese Satanic Cabal. Peng Liyan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal interfered and suppressed Xi's administration decisions. Peng Liyuan is arrogant, fearless, and disrespectful to Xi because of her strong supporting power from the Satanic Cabal.

The Great Harlot Peng Liyuan's misconduct was definitely not driven by "Love", it was driven by her EGO and SELFISHNESS. Her personal face is placed much higher than national security, reputation, and the interest of the country. Besides, she certainly doesn't care about the dignity and reputation of Xi Jinping. All she wants is to WIN and save her face.

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