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The Satanic Cabal wants to kill Winter Olympics

This message was posted by Soros's account not Soros himself because he should be already arrested. However, this is solid evidence to prove that Xi Jinping is against the Satanic Cabal.

China's real estate market like Evergrane was actually owned by the Satanic Cabal. Xu Jiayin is just a frontman of the Satanic Cabal like Jack Ma of Alibaba to represent the company.

The Chinese government controls the COVID virus by implementing sophisticated and thoughtful policies. The Omicron virus was planted by external agents via mailing parcel or the Omicron spreading was just a hoax purposely spread by the Chinese Cabal. The whole point was to kill Winter Olympics.

There is a very important strategic reason to hold the Winter Olympics that will help to disclose the truth about Xi Jinping and the Chinese Cabal.

Just stay tuned and watch the show!!


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