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The Restored Republic definitely published fake news against Xi Jinping

The white hats media is definitely infiltrated by Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Satanic Cabal. Xi Jinping has certainly united the red CCP, Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao are not enemies of Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping's true enemy is Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal including Wang Yi & Li Keqiang. The Song Ping story is total craps and lies to deceive us.

If Jiang Zemin also supports Xi Jinping, do you believe Hu Jintao would fight against Xi? Hu Jintao's old-man appearance at the 70th anniversary of the PRC ceremony in 2019 indicated that he wanted to withdraw from this battle.

Xi Jinping is absolutely the first assassination target in the world. The clone Xi could make a speech during Hong Kong's 25th-anniversary ceremony, so why couldn't the "clone-Xi" make a speech at the SCO summit? He didn't give any memorable speeches or meet with other world leaders on the sidelines of the SCO summit because of personal security concerns. He wanted to restrict the interactions with limited authorized people. Therefore, the one who attended the SCO summit was the real Xi Jinping himself.

If Xi Jinping was really killed by the Satanic Cabal and replaced by his brother, why were his announcements so inconsistent with the Chinese Satanic Cabal and Peng Liyuan? Why did he publish many official announcements in his own name? Why did both Xi and clone Xi appear in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Hong Kong's 25th-anniversary ceremonies?

Besides, this Benjamin Fulford totally contradicts the previous report Q's report.

Great Harlot Peng Liyuan made lie after lie to cover her crimes/ Axx.

Sat. 1 Oct. Behind the scenes From China to [DS] U.S. October Plans

XI was well aware of a counter Coup happening and is protected heavily by military Alliance

DJT 🇺🇸 President Xi…there’s no one in Hollywood that could play that role of President Xi, there’s no actor.


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