The pandemic aka the(plandemic)

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The pandemic aka the(plandemic)

The events that have taken place over the past 19 months have all been in the pipeline for numerous years.

Strategic planning over multiple event scenarios and outcomes that our philanthropist overlords roll out on the human population without your vote or say so. To fit their specific agenda and reduce the carbon emitters or useless eaters in the words of klaus schwab and his friend bill gates👹

So this list of their plans will help educate you on the agendas bestowed upon all of us. Brought to your family’s door by the world economic forum, Rockefeller’s, John Hopkins institution and gates foundation with help from your corrupt government agencies and politicians !

Agenda 21

Agenda 30

Agenda 50

cyberpolygon 2021

Covid 19 - The great reset klaus Schwab.

Event 201

Operation Dark Winter

Operation crimson contagion.

Operation lockstep Rockefeller’s.

operation Cygnus uk gov

Uk influenza preparedness plan

National pandemic influenza plan

Spars pandemic (2025-2028)

The next event.

Pandemic influenza vaccine storage (March 2020)

All this brought to you by the pharmaceutical global drugs cartel, they care so much about your health they plan how to cull you years in advance. Stay ahead of the game be informed people know the plans so you can counter the agenda and narrative.

Stay strong stay healthy stay ahead of the globalist plan!