The mRNA vaccine was designed and made within a few hours

My post on 2021/12/30, publish again.

This is absolutely ridiculous and unscientific at all. The western pharmaceutical companies designed the COVID vaccine within 3 hours and proceeded with mass production.

Their assumptions:

- The COVID had to transmit worldwide from China even the Chinese government had locked down the Wuhan and stopped all cross-border transportations

- The Chinese gene sequence can be used for other races without further alternation. All human races are identical. One simple Chinese gene can represent the whole world population.

- A study from the University of Cambridge proved that the gene found in China is different from the gene found in Europe and America. This study didn't mean anything to them.

- The western pharmaceutical companies completely trust the Chinese government without further verifications and researches even the western media has been demonized CCP for a few decades.


The truth is that the source and accuracy of the COVID virus gene are totally irrelevant and unimportant. Any gene code could work for them. China is just an excuse for them.