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The massacre in Bucha was committed by the Ukrainians themselves


The Story That Slipped Out: Fox News Deletes Ukraine Nazi Bombshell


Russian journalist and war reporter Alexander Koz has posted photos on his Telegram channel which, according to him, serve as further evidence that Russian soldiers had nothing to do with the killing of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Butchah:

"Here is more evidence. The bodies in Butcha with white armbands - a Russian identifying mark. Ukrainian forces shot at people without regard to whether they had weapons or not. The main thing is that they wear white armbands, which means that they are the enemy. Ukrainian journalists, open your eyes," Koz said.

⚠️ The massacre in Butscha was committed by the Ukrainians themselves in order to draw NATO and Europe into the war against Russia. Here is proof: Ukrainian police filmed how they entered Butcha on April 2, 2022. There are no dead people in the video, nor do people tell anything about the alleged massacre by the Russian army, which, according to official data, left the town as early as March 30, 2022. If you see the photos of the dead, you will notice that almost all of them wear white armbands. These armbands are used by Russian soldiers as a distinctive mark. So the dead were showing solidarity with Russia. This leads to only one

conclusion: the carnage on Bucha's streets was caused by Ukrainian units.

04.04.22 +++⚡️Russia calls for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council regarding the allegations of the "Butcha massacre" - and calls on the UK, as the current acting chair, to allow this emergency meeting to take place. Russia rejects all accusations of this anti-Russian provocation and demands an independent clarification. This is what Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said just now.

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