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The Great Reboot = the new Holodomor



Anonymous source:

"In 2015, the World Wildlife Fund (founded by Julian Huxley of UNESCO) and the Center for American Progress (founded by John Podesta, associated with the Pizzagate scandal) created a simulation in the style of Event 201 or Operation Lockstep for a global "food chain crisis" called "Food Chain Reaction". They worked together with Cargill, one of the world's largest food corporations (ranked 15th in the Fortune 500 ranking).

Cargill Summary:

"Climate, famine, civil unrest and food price spikes have converged in the Food Chain Reaction game in Washington. Cooperation has basically won."

"The game has moved players from 2020 to 2030. As expected, this decade brought two major food crises, when prices approached 400% of the long-term average; a lot of extreme weather events related to climate; overthrow of governments in Pakistan and Ukraine; Hunger and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Chad and Sudan."

"In the face of a sharp spike in prices with an impending global food shortage in 2022, the EU at some point suspended its environmental regulations for agriculture and introduced a tax on meat. However, the most notable result was an agreement between the United States, the EU, India and China, replacing the 20 largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, to introduce a global carbon tax and limit CO2 emissions in 2030."

"The game was created over several months with maximum realism in mind. The scenario was extrapolated based on events that actually happened in the real world, such as the 2008-2009 food crisis or the recent succession of the hottest years and months in the entire history of observations."

"Most people started with a short-term perspective, but they quickly moved on to long-term measures — they started working on increasing sustainability, not just putting out fires."

"The realism of the exercises exceeded all expectations," said former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who acted as a mentor for the players. "It's much closer to the real world than you think. The people who play here are very dedicated and serious."


Analysis of the publication above (from the same author):

"How does this "simulation" of 2015 correlate with current political events as of 2022? Perfect. It seems that everything was planned in advance.

"From 2020 to 2030."

This applies both to the "Great Reset" and to the UN Agenda for the period up to 2030, also known as "Sustainable Development", "Agenda for the XXI Century" and "Vision 2050", which are shadow marketing terms that translate as "the globalist oligarchy consolidates its power".

This is a controlled demolition of the Western economy. They need a single global digital currency and a two-tier society: slaves and the elite.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine conveniently coincides with the timeline of this simulation. In addition, recently India "accidentally" fired a missile at Pakistan. Will we see conflict in Pakistan as well? It would be a pretty big coincidence, but the Russian-Ukrainian war is already suspicious enough.


It should be noted that the globalists have been steadily reducing our food supplies for a long time, but the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can lead to overload:

Russia and Ukraine export 30% of the world's grain and 19% of the world's corn.

Russia is the second largest fertilizer producer in the world and exports 13% of potash fertilizers in the world.

In addition, Russia exports 10% of the world's oil, which plays into the hands of the carbon agenda.

"Heat and drought".

"Climate crises related to refugees".

This theme has been repeated for decades, but recently the rhetoric of leading politicians has intensified.

"Create international networks."

They create (or fabricate) problems all over the world, and then offer a solution in the form of strengthening globalism. For example, leading politicians recently called for more globalism and less nationalism in an official WHO UN statement in response to the Covid-19 scam. The World Economic Forum officially calls "global governance" one of the key aspects of the Great Reset, which will end in 2030.

"Smart technologies".

The so-called "smart agenda" is one of the main aspects of the "fourth industrial revolution".

In short, it means connecting everything to the Internet - refrigerators, trash cans, cars, agricultural machinery, literally everything, and then using artificial intelligence and machine learning to micromanage every aspect of society in a "sustainable" way.

"Meat tax".

Globalists have been trying to abolish meat consumption for several decades. They want the masses to live on a malnourished slave diet that makes them stupid and weak. Obviously, they can't just say, "We want to weaken the slaves," so they have to pretend it's about "resilience."

There are many ways for the elite to artificially reduce our meat supplies. They can use another scam to reduce the number of animals (for example, swine flu, avian flu, foot-and-mouth disease, or even reverse zoonotic transmission of Covid-19), introduce crazy rules that will make farming impossible (for example, Australia and the UK ban manure or Oregon expands the definition of "animal cruelty" to include it all normal farms), or simply use their full-scale dominance in the food industry to gradually abandon meat and replace it with 3D-printed garbage, soy and bedbug paste.

"Global Carbon Tax in 2030".

Globalists have been talking about a carbon tax for many years. In fact, it is the transfer of wealth in the communist style from the working and middle class to the globalist elite. The UN climate change website says that by 2020 they plan to "jointly mobilize $100 billion annually," and in 2016 they created a prototype carbon tax through their voluntary Carbon Offset Platform, which forces stupid white people to pay for the industrialization of third world countries.


global food end game
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