The Gospel of Q - Banned Books of the Bible


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Every Tuesday night, over on The Dark OutPost, we break down the study the missing, banned, and perhaps heretical books of the Bible.

According to inside sources, there was supposed to be 777 books in the complete Bible, however, over the years, we’ve only had access to less than 100. Allegedly, the Vatican Library has all the copies. Why were these missing books considered heretical? Are they? Or is this another attempt for the powers that be to try to control the narrative?

Join us each week on The Dark OutPost to find out. On Wednesdays, we do the cliff notes version of all discussed the night before. Today, we’re talking about the lost Gospel of Q.

My Comment:

The current King James Bible's 80 books were selectively captured by the Satanic Cabal and the Vatican according to their agenda. The scriptures may be edited as well.

I feel so sorry for those devoted Christians whose perceptions and understanding are misled by this altered fake Bible.

I never read the Bible before Oct 2019 and I don't have the full understanding of the Revelation. My perception is that all the events happening now were planned by the Satanic Cabal according to the altered fake Bible. Thus, the Satanic Cabal can make itself the highest authority as GOD.

According to various traditional Chinese predictions and readings, GOD will win. In fact, GOD won! The world will be safe and managed by good people for the next 1000 years.