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The DNC created a biological weapon to win an election


Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 10, 2022

Judy Note: Code Red Big Announcement expected on Tues. 10 May.

  1. The world’s top virologists, biologists and immunologists concluded that C19 was created in a lab – a lab that was run by the US National Institute of Health – and paid for by US taxpayers.

  2. Left-wing political bureaucrats in the US Government Fauci and Collins circumvented Congressional oversight by modifying pathogens in a foreign country – mainly in Ukraine.

  3. The Chinese Communist Party and our own CIA worked with the Left-wing bureaucrats to make sure that one of those pathogens “got out,” which then enabled the Democrats to abuse emergency powers and implement mass mail-in voting, allowing them to subvert the 2020 Elections in a quest for power with a goal of ruling over The People: 2000 MULES BY DINESH D‟SOUZA DOCUMENTARY - best news here (My Comment, It should be the Chinese Satanic Cabal. That's why Peng Liyuan met with Bill Gates twice on Nov 2019)

  4. The Supreme Court was considering a overturn of the 2020 Election due to fraud in all 50 states as outlined in “2000 Mules.” Such news has been kept out of the Mainstream Media due to the leak of a draft of Roe vs. Wade that indicated that the Supreme Court would likely overturn Abortion rulings, turning the authority back to the individual states.

L. The DNC created a biological weapon to win an election, Clandestine

  1. Now that we’ve all seen 2000 Mules from the ground level, let’s look at it from 40,000 feet. Let‟s discuss how this piece fits into the overall puzzle, and how it is directly associated with C19 and Putin attacking the 30+ US biolabs in Ukraine.

  2. What made this method of voter fraud possible? MAIL-IN VOTING. As a result of media generated fear over C19. We all remember the Dems foaming at the mouth over Trump‟s pushback on mail-in voting. The only way their plan works, is if the Dems were able to abuse emergency powers to install mail-in voting, in the event of an emergency. So what did they do to ensure they won the election? They created an emergency.

  3. As we all saw in my thread on the FOIA emails, the world’s top virologists, biologists and immunologists concluded that C19 was created in a lab. A lab that was run by the US NIH. And all of this was covered up by left-wing political bureaucrats Fauci and Collins.

  4. So a leftist run agency in the US Government was circumventing congressional oversight to modify pathogens in foreign countries. One of these pathogens “got out”, which enabled the democrats to abuse emergency powers to implement mass mail-in voting, which allowed for them to subvert elections with the methods outlined in 2000 Mules.

  5. Now does it make sense as to why Biden/Obama/DNC, using Hunter Biden as a proxy, via Rosemont Seneca, funneled US DoD money to Hunter Biden’s bio company Metabiota and other Biolabs in Ukraine? The DNC and globalists are all directly involved in biological gain of function research on pathogens. And the result of one getting out just so happened to benefit the DNC and Globalists on all fronts. And they just so happen to have a nationwide network of ballot harvesting and trafficking mules at the ready, in liberal cities, in key swing states. And the plan solely relies on mass mail-in voting in order to carry out.

  6. Now does it make sense as to why Putin is attacking US biological facilities near his border? And why China, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and Gabon all voted at the UN Security Council, that the US biological network needs to be investigated…

  7. This is why the media and the Dems are so worried about Ukraine. This is why the fact checkers and the left-wing media machine are still denying the existence of US labs in Ukraine at all.

  8. This is why the Dems wanted to send US troops to Ukraine to defend these labs. Because their bio capabilities are what allows them to retain power over the People. Stealing elections, implementing a police state, force vaccinating, censorship of political dissent under the guise of public health. C19 gave them the power to do whatever they wanted.

  9. Did the DNC have another “variant” planned for release before the midterms so they could do it again? Did Putin know about it? Is that one of the reasons Russia targeted and attacked our Biolabs? Is that why Victoria Nuland and the rest of the DNC are terrified of their “research” falling into Russia‟s hands?

  10. Soon, they will start pushing for mass mail in voting again for the midterms. Watch. It‟s their only way.

  11. The Timeline:

  12. Hunter Biden funnels US DoD money to foreign biological facilities to modify pathogens

  13. A modified pathogen “escapes” a lab in a foreign country, which results in a global shutdown

  14. This “pandemic” results in the emergency implementation of mail-in voting by the DNC

  15. Mail-in voting opens the door for the DNC to utilize the methods outlined in 2000 Mules to commit mass voter fraud in swing states.

  16. Joe Biden “wins” election.

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