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The Cabal defame Xi by linking him with Bill Gates, Biden and Obama Together


Xi Jinping didn't cooperate with Bill Gates and the Cabal on COVID bio-weapon development. Bill Gates and the Cabal did invest a lot of money in China for medical and agricultural development including the Wuhan laboratory. However, this is nothing to do with Xi Jinping.

Xi knew nothing about the COVID outbreak because he was totally in the dark. The Chinese Cabal concealed a lot of information from him that he could only identify the problem with limited resources. I believe that Xi Jinping didn't receive accurate data and reports from the Chinese official because the Chinese Cabal wanted to isolate and destroy him. For example, the financial reports of the Hong Kong government were fraudulent and inaccurate.

Bill Gates had written a letter to Xi to persuade him on vaccine cooperation in early 2020 but Xi rejected it. The Chinese inactivated vaccine was developed by the Chinese military by using the conventional method. Xi didn't participate in the mRNA vaccine development and deployment with Bill Gates.

In fact, one of the COVID's agendas was to demonish China and overturn Xi's authority. Some sources stated that the mRNA vaccine was to reduce the Chinese population by 500 million. (Videos can be found on my website. ) Without Xi's decisive and outstanding leadership to lockdown Wuhan and block all virus transmission, China must be accused and attacked by the whole world.

Since Xi Jinping is the President of China, officially he represents China and he is the icon of China. Xi did meet with many western leaders on many different occasions but that doesn't mean Xi colludes with them. In fact, the Chinese Cabal wanted to make Xi the scapegoat of all the problems and crimes in China. Xi had announced publicly about the unscrupulous and illegal collusion in the CCP in 2016. Xi has been fighting with the Chinese Cabal fiercely in the past few years.


【福布斯】2017全球最具權勢女性:蔡英文第15 彭麗媛第51

Li family is one of the Satanic bloodline families. Li's family is powerful in historical and present Chinese politics. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is a significant contributor to the World Economic Forum and his recognition by the western leaders is much higher than Xi Jinping.

In Chinese government tradition, the first ladies were normally very low profile except Peng Li Yuan. Being an inexperienced and ignorant singer, she could stand as the 51st most powerful woman in politics because the Chinese Cabal promoted and used her deliberately to control Xi Jinping. She was arrogant, greedy, disrespectful, and hypocritical to Xi. She colluded with the Chinese Cabal to fight against Xi's administration. She betrayed and even assassinated Xi.

Peng Liyuan is the HARLOT of the Revelation in the Bible and the 7 heads red dragon is CCP such as the Li family. The Mystery Babylon is China.

Besides, Xi Jinping and Peng Li Yuan were separated in 2019 because Peng colluded with the Chinese Cabal and betrayed him. Peng Li Yuan met Bill Gates alone in Nov 2019. The Chinese Cabal and Peng Li Yuan disagreed with Xi's strategy on the COVID crisis. Li Kejiang confronted Xi in public. The Chinese video by Shi Tao (石濤) below described the opposing relationship between Xi and Peng during the 2019 and 2020 periods. Of course, Shi Tao is anti-Xi and believes that Xi is incompetent, he thought that it was Peng's decision and resentful not to appear in the 2019 70th Chinese Anniversary Ceremony with Xi together. In fact, Xi proposed to me in Sept 2019.


《石濤聚焦》「彭麗媛9.16“露面” 難消與習近平分居傳聞」在中共新聞網-彭麗媛活動分欄中 最後一張照片去年11月見比爾蓋茨「彭麗媛“獨立”做為 盡現無疑」

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