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The Biggest Illusion to the World

My post on Facebook at 2021/1/30!

The biggest illusion to the world is that the US is a democratic republic country with two parties. In fact, the US is a capital corporation that is being controlled by the British, Vatican, European bankers, and the billionaires.

Whereas, all peoples believe that the Chinese Communist Party is the dictatorial government in China. The fact is that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) contains multiple parties with different political ideas.

As the global criminal interest group bribe a lot of CCP officials, scholars, mass media, and entrepreneurs in China. It is extremely difficult and stressful for President Xi to make changes. From my observation, he could eventually manage to overcome all obstacles and resistances in 2020 to unify CCP.

President Xi is doing so unexpectedly that the deep state is working very hard to defame and disgrace him by using the mass media. They attempted to make a color revolution in Hong Kong and China so as to overturn President Xi's governance.

One of the goals of the deep state is to demolish China by using COVID. It is an unexpected crisis for President Xi that he took the great risk to lockdown the Wuhan. It is very unfortunate that many peoples misinterpret CCP as part of the deep state to achieve global governance.

President Xi is the greatest leader in recent history. He is doing for the best of the Chinese peoples. He is against foreign interference and global governance. He mentioned before that each government should rule its country and then collaborate in the United Nation.

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