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The arrogant American elites don't even know that they are being censored and brainwashed.


The Chinese peoples know that they are being censored. Thus, they use VPN to access foreign internet or travel aboard to study or visit. They want to learn about the world. Many Chinese students would go back to China after knowing the west. The Chinese peoples understand their limitations and constraints so they keep making changes to improve the country.

Nevertheless, the arrogant American elites don't even know that they are living in a prison and being censored and brainwashed. They feel proud of who they are and keep the status quo and do nothing. They don't travel to China or Asia to understand the truth.

Besides, the western governments are unable to solve their domestic problems and conflicts. What they can do is just shift the blames and focuses.


馬凱碩三步曲(之三)新加坡前駐聯合國大使 中國無去改變西方你管好自己就好[智慧如水 – 高B哥 GBG ] 20221203

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