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Bitcoin is another Ponzi scheme


Bitcoin is an investment tool of the Satanic Cabal that is loosely controlled by financial regulations. The Cabal wanted to reset the global currency by using Bitcoin. In my opinion, the principle of a national currency must be non-manipulative and controlled by the government. However, Bitcoin is the most convenient and legal way for money laundering and capital transfer. The Satanic Cabal uses Bitcoin to run illegal businesses such as child and drug trafficking.

China first moved in 2013 to restrict its banks from using Bitcoin as a currency, citing concerns that its inherently speculative nature threatens its financial stability. Bitcoin is not recognized and restricted by the Xi Administration of the China government.

Li Ka Shing as a member of the Satanic Cabal had been invested in the Bitcoin trading business since 2013. Is it because of Li's business intelligence or his insider information?

SPECIAL REPORT: Carrie Lam’s Latest Investment Ha Experts in Awe And Big Banks Terrified

Bitcoin price is being manipulated by the globalists that it fluctuates drastically. Carrie Lam as a Chief Executive of HKSAR is not supposed to recommend Hong Kong citizens on high-risk and unofficial investment instruments which are banned in China. It is shaking that Carrie Lam promoted Bitcoin publicly. Who backs up Carrie Lam that she could boldly and fearlessly support Bitcoin?



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