Shameless Corrupted Chinese Official Wife's fraudulent accuse


Wife of Missing Chinese Official Calls Government a 'Monster,' 'They Eat Their Children'

If you don't understand what is shameless greedy woman, Grace Meng is a good representation. Meng Hongwei is a corrupted Chinese official who was arrested by the Chinese government, she escaped from China to France and now speaking non-sense to accuse and demonize China for the seek of her own interests.

She didn't admit their corruption crime and declared herself as a victim of the CCP system. What she should do is to go back to China for confession. She is now being controlled by the Satanic Cult to defame the CCP, speaking non-sense and rubbish.

Democracy can solve the serious corruption problem in China? She is a very good example of fawning and ignorant western followers.

There are so many shameless and greedy officials and families in CCP that they don't work for the people, they work for their interests only.


Grace Chen, Favored by China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan, Opens in Shanghai

Birds of a feather flock together (物以類聚 人以群分)

Why was Meng Hongwei arrested? Other than corruption, did he and Grace Meng collude with Peng Li Yuan to attack Xi?