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Russia, China, Brazil, India Call for Investigation Into US Biolabs in Ukraine


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Russia 🇷🇺 , China 🇨🇳 , Brazil 🇧🇷 and India 🇮🇳 call for investigation of us bio labs in Ukraine 🇺🇦

On Sunday, March 6, 2022, the Russian news agency Ria Novosti published documents alleging that Ukraine is working on "biological weapons" near the Russian border. Ria Novosti accused the U.S. of ordering Ukraine to destroy the biological agents before the Russian invasion.

According to the document obtained by the news agency, Ukraine's Health Ministry ordered the destruction of the biological agents in a memo dated February 24.

On Tuesday, we learned from the U.S. State Department that there are U.S. biological laboratories in Ukraine. On Wednesday, the Biden regime backtracked, claiming that there are no U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine, that it is Russian propaganda.

Why the sudden confusing message from the Biden regime? Especially when there are documents proving that the U.S. has funded several biolabs in Ukraine to study potentially dangerous pathogens.

On Thursday, Gateway Pundit confirmed that there are biolabs in Ukraine and that Hunter Biden's company Rosemont Seneca has invested in the companies building these labs.

The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted to Reuters on Thursday that it had advised Ukraine to destroy its highly dangerous pathogens stored in the country's health laboratories to prevent the spread of disease.

Then, on Friday ...

Russia's representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebensya, accused the United States of testing viral pathogens in Ukraine during a Security Council hearing on Friday.

Nebensya accused the U.S. of testing the coronavirus on Ukrainian bats.

U.S. representative to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Friday denied the allegations regarding the alleged U.S.-funded Ukrainian biolabs.

However, she later added that the United States "proudly, clearly and openly" cooperated with the research institutions. Earlier, the U.S. Embassy had removed evidence of the biolabs and U.S. funding from its website.

During the Security Council meeting, Linda Thomas-Greenfield issued a statement on Russian claims of military biological activity in Ukraine.

Regrettably, Ambassador Greenfield's statement did not sway the other Security Council members.

During the hearing, Russia, China, India, and Brazil called for an investigation into U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

These countries represent about half of the world's population.

And keep in mind that just over a year ago, India and Brazil were close allies of the U.S.!

No one believes the lies of the Biden regime anymore.

How far America has fallen and in just over a year.





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