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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 9, 2024

Mon. 8 July 2024 White Hat Intel:

  • A few days ago the European Union leader and President Viktor Orban went directly to Putin against the wishes of NATO. This meeting was as important as Viktor Orban is great friend of Trump and recently stated that he “WILL MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN.”

  • These Military COMMS are important and begin military operation transition to OPENLY target EU Deep State Intelligence and begin the MASSIVE shift of European power away from the CIA, WEF, GLOBALIST corruption and control.

  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER THESE MILITARY COMMS WERE GIVEN TO EUROPE Viktor Orban went to Russian where Orban with military guidance gave Putin reassurance that half of European countries have their military back channels back up and running and ready to reconnect to Russia Military.

  • This gives full Constitution to Russia that the US, Europe, Russian Military Alliance operations were going as planned, guaranteeing that most European Military were fully backing Trump Cheyenne Mountain operations and the recapture of the European Union by conservative powers.

  • This highly important move by Orban meeting with Putin assures that no real Nuclear Event will happen.

  • This meeting also sends a message to several countries across the world that a powerful pact is being made and things are going as planned to reunite Russian, Europe and United States under a new financial partnership and trading.

  • The Military comms indicate that the CIA Rockefellers/Rothschild’s World Economic Forum IMF fiat money collapse is almost complete and open military power is shifting against the CIA/NATO Operations.

  • Iran and Moscow have interconnected local payment systems and fully ditch U S. Dollar. Several African countries and nations. Prepare to get rid of U S. Dollar and Join BRICS with six countries already negotiating.

  • At The same time US Forces are pushed out of Niger bases and the CIA has left the country. The CIA coup across Africa has failed in massive scales as other African countries fight to free themselves of US, CIA, UK, M16, Mossad control.

  • Zimbabwean President says the new gold-backed currency will become the sole legal tender away from the fiat US Dollar.

  • There is massive PANIC in the EU military high ranking divisions and commands as generals and leaders are FLIPPING sides inside the FOG WAR.

  • A massive Storm is over Europe as the CIA, Globalist World Economic Forum controlling and $€ money crumbles in real time in a collapse.

  • Tens of thousands of Deep State actors, generals, commanders, politicians, Elite powers throughout Europe are not receiving their financial support ( monthly bribes, kickbacks ) and their money is being lost inside the world of the U.S. Stock market and World markets controlled by Rockefellers Deep Dark Ops with DARPA, CIA, BLACKROCK Vanguard State Street ops.

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