Remdesivir and Acute Renal Failure: A Potential Safety Signal From Disproportionality Analysis

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From: (World Awakening)

A nurse who has worked in the intensive care unit for more than two decades reports alarming negligence, which she witnessed and which she was subjected to in the hospital department during the "pandemic" of the coronavirus.

"Covid injections kill healthy young people at an unprecedented rate and deplete the natural immune system," warns Helen Smith,

a nurse with extensive work experience who suffered psychological trauma from what she observed and experienced while working in the intensive care unit during the "pandemic".

"I have been working as a nurse for almost 25 years. I spent most of my career in the intensive care unit. I've never seen anything like this in my entire career," Smith admits. "They don't allow doctors to do what they want to do to help patients. Everything is regulated by the authorities in hospitals."

Before the introduction of the Covid vaccine, patients actually died not from the virus, but from medical negligence, Smith explains.

"They were dying because doctors immediately intubated patients and supplied them with Remdesivir, an expensive drug that does nothing to treat Covid or respiratory disease, but is capable of shutting down organs," says the nurse.

During the first wave of Covid, doctors suddenly abandoned the protocol that was usually used for patients suffering from severe respiratory illness and were instructed to follow rules equivalent to carrying out mass killings.

"A big part of why people died from Covid-19 was that they injected people with Remdesivir and intubated them. The only drug they've given people is Remdesivir, and we're still using it. Remdesivir costs $5,000 per package and does not affect anything. It can turn off your organs. Many patients with coronavirus who have received Remdesivir go on dialysis," Smith reports. "Intubation of patients is, in fact, a death sentence, especially with the delta option, we save very few."

"At some point, one of our doctors started giving patients Ivermectin, because he had great success in his outpatient clinic, and he coped. The clinic's management threatened to fire him if he continued to do this. He was not in the mood for confrontation and agreed to continue working."

From: (Usa Awakening)


A Combination of drugs called Remdesivir, Dexamethasone & Vancomycin being used in hospitals to treat the fake virus is causing massive kidney failure and the subsequent filling of the lungs with liquid. (Dr Bryan Ardis)

This is how you drive death figures up in the name of covid.

Stay away from the hospitals if you can help it. Your life depends on it.

My Comments:

They killed patients to boost up the death rate. They are mass murderers.