Trump, Xi & Putin Are Working Together To Take Down The NWO Deep State Cabal! PAIN Coming Worldwide!

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Q drop on 2017:What if China, Russia and others coordinate with POTUS to eliminate NWO?

From today's X22 Report:

What we said yesterday is confirmed today by Absolute Conviction 1776 🦅🇺🇸🗽 in this post here:

"Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Putin by phone and assured him of support in his efforts to negotiate with Ukraine."

There is also a Q-drop attached in the tweet. This is post 140 from December 12, 2017.

Q said:

What if China, Russia and others coordinate with POTUS to eliminate NWO?

Trump, Putin, Xi and others don't want a New World Order of a Klaus Schwab, they want a world with sovereign states existing peacefully with each other in good neighborhood on this planet. And if the deep state is no longer able to keep setting nations against each other, that's not utopia either.



George Soros says Xi Jinping is "the greatest threat that open societies face today."

Why is Soros threatened by Xi Jinping?

The aim of Soros is to create a global nation state under his control.

Xi Jinping wants to build his own empire free of the influence of Soros.

People like Xi Jinping, Putin and Trump despise Soros. They want to run their countries as they see fit without having globalist banksters telling them what to do.

I suspect that when Trump was elected, Putin and Jinping realized it was their best opportunity to put a dagger in the heart of the new world order.

My Comment:

Xi has allied with Trump since 2017 that Xi took Trump to the Forbidden City. However, Peng Liyuan didn't agree with Xi's direction. She looked down on Xi and colluded with Li Keqiang to fight against him. Peng Liyuan and Li Keqiang are the puppets of the Satanic Cabal.