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President Jair Bolsonaro's wife and family were taken hostage!

Speaking about military fireworks, CIA sources in South America explain that

President Jair Bolsonaro admitted the fact of falsification of election results by Satanist

Lula because his wife and family were taken hostage. Of course, Bolsonaro arrived in Florida without his wife and children. In addition, an escaped judge named Moraes wrote a BLACK LETTER to the Minister of Defense, threatening his son, Brazilian journalists


This is typical of how HM terrorizes the upper strata of society in order to seize

power. Of course, these Satanists will not get away with this for a long time, and it is

doubtful that the convicted criminal Lula, the Supreme Court of Brazil or traitor generals,

etc., will live on this earth for a long time.

Source from:

JUST IN: Bolsonaro Rules Out Military Intervention in Brazil, “I Have No Support from Other Institutions to Act Against Lula!”

Donald Trump meets "Tropical Trump" Jair Bolsonaro

12/31/2022 - The first to visit Jair Bolsonaro in his new home was none other than President Donald J. Trump early this morning. Carlson Tucker was also there, you can see him briefly on the left edge of the picture.


Oswaldo Eustáquio diz que Alexandre de Moraes está chantageando o ministro da Defesa; confira

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