Peng Liyuan is a malignant narcissist that she jeopardizes the national security of China


Peng Liyuan is a malignant narcissist. Her professionalism as an actress or performer makes the situation even worst. Her life is built on lies. She never took any accountability for her bad actions and admitted her wrongdoings.

She always thinks that she is smarter and superior to Xi Jinping. She is arrogant, greedy, vain, ignorant, and unethical. She believes that her "beauty" and "notability" should deserve someone much better and richer. She disrespects and abominates Xi Jinping because he cannot make enough money for her so that she cannot compete with other wives of corrupted officials.

She colluded with the Satanic Cabal including her adulterer Li Keqiang and Bill Gates to overturn Xi's administration. She had betrayed Xi for a long time. She and the Satanic Cabal slandered Xi Jinping by spreading harmful rumors and making fake defamatory videos via their manipulated mass media around the world.

I connected with Xi Jinping on Aug-Sep 2019. He and his team evaluated my backgrounds and profiles. We exchanged ideas and values via the Facebook network with third parties witnessing the whole process. Xi Jiping proposed to me in Sep 2019. On the subsequent 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China on 1 Oct 2019. Peng Li Yuan has already disappeared in public.

Peng Liyuan was infuriated with Xi and she wanted to defeat him at all costs. Since Peng possesses a lot of confidential information and secrets about Xi. She threatened and intimidated Xi that she would destroy him with one thousand troops even she lost eight hundred troops. (殺敵一千自損八百). Thus, Xi allowed Peng to make the Macau trip together with him so as to mitigate the situation.

Peng Liyuan has had a very close relationship with WHO ie Bill Gates since 2011. She had already been appointed by the World Health Organization “Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS” with a press release calling her “a famous Chinese soprano and actress,” and hiding that she was the wife of Xi Jinping, then China’s Vice President.

Peng Liyuans colluded with the Chinese Satanic Cabal including her adulterer Li Keqiang and Bill Gates to overthrow Xi Jinping's authority. Peng Li Yuan had met with Bill Gates continuously on 21 & 22 Nov 2019. And then the COVID 19 outbreak happened in Wuhan, China. During the COVID outbreak in China, neither Peng Liyuan nor Li Keqiang gave Xi a hand to resolve the COVID crisis. Li Keqiang even lied and slandered about the economic situation and 0.6 billion Chinese people in poverty in public. Their goal is to overthrow Xi's authority over the Chinese Communist Party.

Peng Liyuan is extremely manipulative and combative. She highly believes that she is superior to Xi Jinping and she is the most important existence. She would sacrifice the reputation and interests of Xi Jinping and the whole nation of China so as to save her personal face. She has to win at all costs.

The battle between Xi and the Satanic Cabal has lasted for many years. Xi Jinping is part of the "White Hats Alliance" along with Trump, Putin, the Q team, and military forces. The Satanic Cabal manipulated the worldwide mass media to mislead the world that Xi Jinping is a puppet of the Satanic Cabal. They want to make Xi the scapegoat of all the crimes of the Chinese Satanic Cabal.

The People Daily confirmed that Peng Liyuan didn't attend any Winter Olympic activities. Peng and the Chinse Satanic Cabal broadcasted fake videos during the Winter Olympics to mislead the world that Peng Liyuan is still the first lady. They still control the Chinese Communist Party. On the other hand, they want to discredit and devalue my words so that I become untrustful and inaccurate.

Peng Liyuan's inconceivable, shameless, and obscene deceit in front of the whole world proved that she is an irrational malignant narcissist, and she certainly jeopardizes the national security of China.

The Narcissist Will Do Anything To Avoid This

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What Happens When You Do Not Side With The Narcissist

We have to accept that the Narcissists will not accept the NO for an answer. Because you did not want to aid them in an existing campaign, they will start one smear campaign against you. The narcissist will not forgive or forget. They will pretend that it is all good and it is no big deal. But do not be fooled, the Narcissist will be looking to get back at you. They will continue to slander you. DON'T GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE TO HURT YOU!!