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Patreon allows adding payment methods including Paypal & Cards


According to youtube videos, there are two payment methods: Paypal and Cards.

Patreon needs to implement a payment gateway system to accept payment from various bank credit cards (visa, master, AmericanExpress, etc) & Paypal

There are many payment gateway providers in the world. From my quick scan of the Internet, Patreon doesn't disclose its payment gateway provider's company name.

If you check on your credit card bank statement, there is a column "Transaction Reference". This transaction reference number is a unique key in the payment gateway transaction which also contains the cardholder's name and transaction details like consumer ID and consumer name.

What you can do is donate some money to that particular account via Paypal. And then acquire the Paypal company for the transaction details based on your transaction reference ID from your PayPal account. (You can log in Paypal website)

Paypal Transaction Detail Report Specification


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