News Media Governance


Mass Media is too broad. I only focus on News Media governance. Currently, the mass media in the world are controlled by capitalists that can freely spread misinformation. I don't think it is a good idea to make drastic changes from all privately owned to government-owned. We should value the true conditional freedom of speech.

Below are my opinions:


- News Media can be the "Fourth Estate" to monitor the government, this function should not be totally eliminated

- All news must base on facts. Prohibit fake news.

- New media licenses can be granted for approved and qualified vendors only. ie. Private is OK

- News Media is allowed if they are professional and genuine.

- News Media is allowed to make profits based on general traffic in conditions that no targeted marketing is associated with the news. (Targeted marketing thing need further evaluation)

- Mass Media / News Media cannot be owned by foreign companies. Must be Chinese local owned.

Publication Categorization

- A clear definition of publication category is required like news, column, documentary, etc

- Different category may have different governance rules

Foreign Affair

- Since most of the mainstream media and wholesalers are controlled by the Satanic Cults. They are not reliable or maybe even harmful to public

- Only government are capable to differentiate and validate the foreign news

- Government may centralize and censor all foreign news for domestic dissemination

- Government should control the international news exchange


- National Policies Compliance

- New Media Information Dissemination System

- Journalistic Software and Audio edition software

- News Media Management Team and Owner

- Journalists

- Interviewee

- Contents

- Freelance Bloggers

- Viewers

National Policies Compliance

- Government should have unified guidelines and policies which are established by a central government committee. The guidelines and policies can be changed as required

- The unified guideline and policies can be debated and compromised between different political parties. Once published, all have to follow.

News Media Information Dissemination System

- It is impossible and not making sense to monitor the contents because of the high volumes.

- Government should monitor or audit the News Media information dissemination algorithm

- The News Media should have proper documentation and specifications to illustrate the algorithms and rules behind

- The News Dissemination System or websites should keep the audit trails and visitor trails so that the IT audit team can trace what, who, how, and when the news is disseminated.

- The government should provide the News Media with guidelines and priority on new dissemination rules.

- Government IT audit team should conduct regular IT audits to these News Media firms

Journalistic Software and Audio edition software

- Since there are so many new technology and software to create fake videos like CGI (Computer-generated imagery ), the government should identify a few authorized software or tools with unique formats for journalistic purposes.

- A video instead of an audio interview is encouraged. All interviews must be recorded.

- Some rules like capturing the start time and end time in the video clip to ensure the videos are not being edited.

- The point is to prohibit cheating.

News Media Management Team and Owner

- All News Media firms should establish proper journal review and approval processes and ownership; clear roles and responsibilities

- Editorial Management System can properly document and manage the flow.

- The management team should hold legal responsibility for their misconduct


- All journalists must be registered in the government system. Their qualification must be reviewed and approved.

- Journalist Tracking system should be established to monitor the journalists. For example, points will be deducted from the system if the journalists are caught making fake news. Their licenses will be removed if they deduce all their points.

- Journalists may also bear legal responsibilities for their misconduct.


- All Interviewee must not be anonymous. The journalists should record the identity of the interviewee for the audit trail purpose

- However, the journalist can keep the interviewee anonymous within the news content.


- Each news should be associated with all supporting documents for audit purposes. ie, interviewee information, research references, full interview video, and audio clips (with start and end timestamp), etc.

- Journalists have the right to edit the news and videos for actual content publishment

- All supporting documents have to be properly archived for audit purposes.

- We don't need to monitor all contents if they comply with the national guideline and policies. But we reserve the right to audit the news and all supporting documents if needed

- All the supporting documents are used for assessment if there is any misconduct

Freelance Bloggers

- There are some professionals and quality freelance bloggers who provide valid and valuable insights on the internet. However, there are also poor quality ones who are paid to speak.

- We should not kill freelance bloggers. Similar to journalists, a tracking system can be built to monitor them.


- If all the news is factual, the viewers' comments and feedback should be relevant.