New emperor -who is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan- has taken power in China

Xi attends sixth meeting of heads of state of China, Russia, Mongolia

China, Russia, Mongolia vow to deepen cooperation


我認為西方媒體(Restored Republic) 報導有關中國的政權更換是可信的。因為習近平過往幾年不斷和普京和蒙古國領導人會面。而且栗戰書上個月外訪蒙古國。

報導中顯示紅色的那部分應該是可信的。有關習近平在新加坡受傷的那一部分就是假的, 因為習近平對上一次外訪新加坡是在2015年。10月15日CCTV視頻內出現的那個是真實習近平, 而10月16日20大的那個就是電腦CGI影像.。

Chinese Communist Party, Ben Fulford:

New Chinese Emperor oversees Khazarian mafia purge. The failure of a Khazarian

mafia coup attempt in China means the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation is

not going to be able to escape bankruptcy this time, multiple sources say.

 This is because a new emperor -who is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan- has taken

power in China, according to dragon family sources. So far, over a thousand senior

Chinese officials and three generations of their families have been executed for accepting

bribes from the KM, the sources say. The rest of the top levels of the Chinese government

remain under house arrest until investigations are completed.

It is still not clear if Chinese President Xi Jinping has been replaced by an avatar or

not, the source adds. However the real Xi Jinping has a shoulder injury from an

assassination attempt in Singapore so, when the new Chinese politburo is revealed on

October 16th, the thing to watch for is the presence or absence of this injury on Xi if he

appears, they say. Either way, any Xi who appears will not be a KM stooge, they add.

The fact that KM propaganda rags like the New York Times are now viciously attacking

Xi is another indicator their attempt to take over China has failed. (My Comment: This item is fake. Xi Jinping last visit to Singapore was in 2015)

Polish intelligence sources corroborate saying: It is now clear that the Military Brigade

that entered Beijing was there to defend Xi and surround it for protection. Some CCP

members have been arrested and executed. The coup attempt was staged by the


ETC. in an effort to stop Chinese support for the Russian Alliance and the annexation of

Ukraine. The second reason for the coup attempt was the takeover of the BRICS

temporary reserve system, into which half of the world‘s currencies have already shifted.