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Nazi Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at the age of 96. God will send him to HELL!

🇻🇦 Real pedophiles please stand up 💀 🔨

Satan our father in hell, take them all for eternal suffering 🔥

🇩🇪 Nazi Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at the age of 96, the press service of the Holy See said.

He was 95 years old and had recently been ill. The fact that the ex-pontiff got worse on December 28 was announced by Pope Francis, asking all believers to pray for Benedict XVI, asking the Lord for comfort and support for him.

Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger in the world) was elected Pope in 2005 when he was 78 years old. He became the second consecutive non-Italian pope to the Holy See.

In 2013, he became the first pontiff in over 600 years to abdicate the papacy because he was "weak in strength to carry out his mission."

This is happening beyond any doubt. Latin American sources tell us that the death of

Pope Maledict XVI on December 31 changed the rules of the game. Maledict was one of

the main organizers of the Fukushima massacre on March 11, 2011. He also organized

the assassination of Pope Francis and his replacement by an impostor in a rubber mask.

The fact that only the Vatican and the United States voted against the international

environmental protection move means that he was also pulling the strings for Biden's

horror show in the US.

Sources in the Vatican say that on his deathbed, Maledict said: "Pretty soon I will be

facing the final judge of my life... looking back on my long life, I must have good reasons

for fear and trepidation." The source says that Maledict hoped that last-minute

renunciation would be his way out of hell for a free card, but Karma doesn't work that

way. Mass murders and rapes of children are not something that can be dismissed with a

simple apology. By the way, most of us do not have a "great reason for fear and

trepidation" about our actions. I know that when I go to meet my creator, if he tells me to

"go to hell", I will tell him to "go to hell" because my conscience is clear (ok, except

maybe a few embarrassing and embarrassing incidents).

In any case, when the Pope is dead and the Rothschilds are trying to negotiate a

surrender, the West, controlled by HMM, can throw off its shackles and make a deal

with the Alliance for the Liberation of the World before the military fireworks explode.

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